Your character is addicted to something, whether drugs, gambling or other destructive behaviors. Some addictions are more dangerous than others, but the nature of addiction is that it slowly takes over your life, impeding functionality. If you are addicted, you need to indulge your addiction regularly to keep it under control. A specific addiction should be chosen upon taking this Condition; characters can take this Condition multiple times for different addictions. Being unable to feed your addiction can result in the Deprived Condition (see below).
Possible Sources: Alcoholism, substance abuse, Vitae Addiction.
Resolution: Regain a dot of Integrity, lose another dot of Integrity, or achieve an exceptional success on a breaking point.
Beat: Your character chooses to get a fix rather than fulfill an obligation.

Your character is missing a portion of her memory. An entire period of her life is just gone. This causes massive difficulties with friends and loved ones.
Possible Sources: Intense trauma; Dominate.
Resolution: You regain your memory and learn the truth. Depending on the circumstances, this may constitute a breaking point.
Beat: Something problematic arises, such as a forgotten arrest warrant or old enemy.

Your character acts on primal, physical impulses. Frightening things make him run. He meets aggressive threats with violence and anger.

  • Take a –2 die penalty to all rolls to resist frenzy or physical impulse.
  • Take a –2 die penalty to Defense due to impulsive action.
  • Rolls to compel your character to impulsive, aggressive or escape actions achieve exceptional success on three successes instead of five (social, Nightmare, Dominate under the right circumstances).
    Duration: nights equal to the Blood Potency of the vampire who caused it. After resolving Bestial, your character cannot be subject to this Condition again for a full month.
    Possible Sources: Predatory aura conflict; facing a breaking point.
    Resolution: Cause damage in someone’s last three Health boxes.
    Beat: n/a

Whatever you did or saw, something inside you snapped. You can barely muster up the will to do your job anymore, and anything more emotionally intense than a raised voice makes you flinch and back down.

  • Take a –2 die penalty to all Social rolls and rolls involving Resolve
  • Take a –5 die penalty to all use of the Intimidation Skill.
    Possible Sources: Tremendous psychological trauma; Nightmare, some Ghoul Merits.
    Resolution: Regain a dot of Integrity, lose another dot of Integrity, or achieve an exceptional success on a breaking point.
    Beat: You back down from a confrontation or fail a roll due to this Condition.

You’ve been charmed by a vampire’s supernatural force of personality. You don’t want to believe that anything he says is a lie, and you can’t read his true intentions.

  • The vampire adds his Awe successes to Manipulation rolls against you,
  • Take the vampire’s Majesty dots as dice penalty to dice rolls to detect the truth or motives.
  • Using supernatural means to detect his lies become a Clash of Wills.
  • You want to do things for the vampire, to make him happy. If he asks, you’ll do favors for him like he was one of your best friends — giving him a place to crash, lending him your car keys, or revealing secrets that you really shouldn’t. You don’t feel tricked or ripped off unless you resolve the Condition.
    Duration: One hour per dot of the vampire’s Blood Potency.
    Possible Sources: The Majesty Discipline.
    Resolution: The vampire attempts to seriously harm you or someone close to you, you make a significant financial or physical sacrifice for him.
    Beat: You divulge a secret or perform a favor for the vampire.

Your character must assert dominance and superiority. Either she gives it her all, or she falters.

  • Take a –2 die penalty on any competitive rolls where she doesn’t spend Willpower. This includes contested and extended rolls.
  • Rolls to tempt or coerce you into competition achieve exceptional success on three successes instead of five.
    Duration: a number of nights equal to the Blood Potency of the vampire who caused it.
    After resolving Competitive, your character cannot be subject to this Condition again for a full month.
    Possible Sources: A challenging predatory aura conflict, facing a breaking point.
    Resolution: Win or lose a competition where someone reaches a breaking point.
    Beat: n/a

Your character cannot think straight.
Take a –2 die penalty on all Intelligence and Wits rolls.
Possible Sources: A blow to the head; dramatic failure when using Auspex
Resolution: Take half an hour to focus and clear your mind. Take any amount of lethal damage.
Beat: n/a

You believe something that isn’t actually true — someone is poisoning your food, a doppelganger has replaced your daughter, or something lives in the shadows of your apartment. You don’t actually hallucinate; you may believe that you’re covered in spiders, but just looking at yourself is enough to clarify matters.
You can’t truly repress your belief, but spending a point of Willpower lets you come up with an explanation (albeit one that sounds psychotic when you explain it to someone else) as to why your delusion does not apply to a specific situation.
Possible Sources: Nightmare; Dramatic Failure after suffering major psychological trauma
Resolution: You completely disprove your delusion, or destroy the vampire who is the source of your paranoia.
Beat: You adhere to your paranoid belief despite evidence to the contrary.

Your character has become obsessed with a mortal. This obsession is for both attention and for blood.

  • Suffers all the effects of a second-stage blood bond to the mortal.
    Possible Sources: Daeva clan bane.
    Resolution: Death of the mortal.
    Beat: Your character suffers loss because she avoided responsibility for her obsession.

Your character suffers from an addiction. She is unable to get her fix, however, leaving her irritable, anxious, and unable to focus.

  • Remove one from her Stamina, Resolve, and Composure dice pools (but not derived Traits)
    Possible Sources: Your character is Addicted but cannot get a fix.
    Resolution: Your character indulges her addiction.
    Beat: n/a

A vampire has given your character a specific command that she cannot go against. You don’t have a choice whether or not to follow the command — your will is no longer your own.
Duration: until the command given has been completed; otherwise it ends at sunrise.
Once you resolve this Condition, you can’t quite remember what happened.
Possible Sources: Dominate
Resolution: Take more bashing or lethal damage than your Stamina. Experience a breaking point when following the command, and succeed at the related Resolve + Composure roll. Follow the vampire’s command.
Beat: n/a

Your character has been fed from extensively, and suffers from blood loss.

  • Take a –2 die penalty to any physical actions, and rolls to stabilize and survive injuries.
  • After any scene where he exerts himself physically, roll Stamina roll or fall unconscious for an hour. The Drained penalty does not apply to the Stamina roll, but any wound penalties do apply. Taking damage, being fed from, or spending Willpower on a physical roll applies as physical exertion for this Condition.
    Possible Sources: A vampire’s feeding.
    Resolution: All lethal damage healed through normal means.
    Beat: n/a

Your Beast has been temporarily sated through the use of blood sorcery.

  • The character may feed as though her Blood Potency were three dots less (minimum one).
  • Take a +2 die bonus to avoid frenzy.
    Possible Sources: Exceptional success on a Crúac ritual.
    Resolution: Feeding, sleeping, or resisting a frenzy.
    Beat: n/a

You’re totally in thrall to the vampire who inflicted this Condition. You can no longer tell when her instructions end
and commands issued by Dominate begin. She tells you to do something and you do it.

  • This Condition counts as the Mesmerized Condition for the purpose of the Dominate Discipline.
  • The vampire doesn’t have to look at you to issue a command.
  • You do not apply your Resolve as a penalty to the vampire’s dice pool for Entombed Command and Possession.
    Possible Sources: Dominate.
    Resolution: Kill the vampire who controls you. Undo her mental control by supernatural means. Beat: You’re made to do something that you wouldn’t normally do.

You’re fanatically loyal to a vampire, willing to go to any length for him. You’ll happily take actions that threaten your own life — ramming a speeding truck head-on, jumping in front of a gun-wielding psycho, or handing over your spouse and children for the vampire to play with.

  • You need to spend a point of Willpower to take actions that goes against your master’s commands. Doing so is an immediate breaking point. If you fail, you chicken out at the last minute; only if you succeed can you do something that the vampire doesn’t want you to do.
    Duration: One night per the vampire’s dot in Blood Potency
    Possible Sources: Majesty
    Resolution: You take more lethal damage than your Stamina when protecting the vampire, or succeed at a breaking point roll related to the Condition.
    Beat: You put yourself in harm’s way to protect the vampire.

The way you remember things doesn’t match up with how they happened. You might remember a son who didn’t exist, your alcoholic father abusing you despite being raised an orphan, or never getting married. You believe your memories to be true no matter what.

  • Being faced with proof that your memory is fake is a breaking point for you.
    Possible Sources: Dominate 3
    Resolution: Face proof that your memory is false and succeed at the breaking point.
    Beat: Your character trusts someone or takes a risky action based on his faked memories alone.

Something’s scared you to the point where you lose rational thought. Whatever the case, you need to leave right now. Your only priority is getting the fuck away from the thing that’s frightened you — the hell with your stuff, your friends, and your allies.

  • If someone tries to stop you, you’ll fight your way past them.
  • If the only way out involves going near the source of your fear, you’ll collapse on the ground in terror.
  • Supernatural creatures prone to loss of control must roll to avoid frenzy.
  • This Condition lasts until the end of the scene; suppressing its effects for a turn costs a point of Willpower.
    Possible Sources: Nightmare ; coming face to face with a phobia.
    Resolution: The character escapes from the source of his fear.
    Beat: n/a

Something terrible happened. Rather than deal with it or let it break you, your mind shuts it out. You are prone to blackouts and lost time. Whenever circumstances become too similar to the situation that led to the character gaining this Condition, the player rolls Resolve + Composure. If you fail the roll, the Storyteller controls your character for the next scene; your character, left to his own devices, will seek to avoid the conflict and get away from the area.
Possible Sources: Psychological trauma, encountering a breaking point, some Ghoul Merits.
Resolution: Regain a dot of Integrity, lose another dot of Integrity, or achieve an exceptional success on a breaking point.
Beat: You enter a fugue state as described above.

Your character is experiencing deep-seated feelings of guilt and remorse. This Condition is commonly applied after a successful detachment roll.

  • Take a –2 die penalty to any Resolve or Composure rolls to defend against Subterfuge, Empathy, or Intimidation rolls.
    Possible Sources: Encountering a breaking point, some Ghoul Merits.
    Resolution: The character confesses his crimes and makes restitution for whatever he did.
    Beat: n/a

Your character has felt the touch of the divine and trembled. She feels unworthy and wretched.

  • Take a –2 die penalty to Resolve rolls and may not regain Willpower from her Dirge.
    Possible Sources: Dramatic failure on a Theban Sorcery ritual.
    Resolution: The character regains Willpower using her Mask.
    Beat: n/a

Your character is deeply inspired. When your character takes an action pertaining to that inspiration, you may resolve this Condition. An exceptional success on that roll requires only three successes instead of five and you gain a point of Willpower.
Possible Sources: Exceptional success with Crafts or Expression; the Inspiring Merit; Auspex.
Resolution: You spend inspiration to spur yourself to greater success, resolving the Condition as described above.
Beat: n/a

Your character is drunk, drugged, or otherwise dulled to the world around her. While she’s probably not hallucinating, her inhibitions and reactions are both lower than they should be.

  • Take a –2 die penalty to all Dexterity and Wits dice pools.
  • Characters using Social maneuvering against her face two fewer Doors than usual.
    Possible Sources: Heavy drinking or drug use.
    Resolution: You sleep it off, or face a breaking point.
    Beat: n/a

Your character has no interest in the ways of the living. He eschews mortal society and only acts to better himself. Because of this, his Beast takes tighter hold on his actions.

  • Rolls to resist frenzy suffer his Humanity dots as a cap, and cannot spend Willpower to hold back frenzy. He may still ride the wave.
    Possible Sources: Detachment failure.
    Resolution: Meaningful interaction with mortals.
    Beat: n/a

Your character feels the draw of torpor. His actions grow sluggish each night that passes, until eventually he falls to the sleep of ages.

  • Take a cumulative -1 dice penalty on all actions every night that passes
  • Rising from daysleep requires a point of Vitae for each dot of Blood Potency.
    Possible Sources: Losing a mortal anchor; Dramatic Failure on a degeneration roll.
    Resolution: Falling to torpor.
    Beat: n/a

Your character is drained and lethargic, feeling the weight of sleeplessness.

  • Your character cannot spend Willpower.
  • For every six hours he goes without sleeping, take a cumulative –1 die penalty to all actions.
  • At every six-hour interval, make a Stamina + Resolve roll (with the penalty) to resist falling asleep until the sun next sets.
    Possible Sources: Fighting daysleep.
    Resolution: Sleeping a full day.
    Beat: n/a

Your character’s will is subordinate to that of a vampire. You’re not obviously hypnotized — you’re a bit quiet and reserved compared to normal, but nothing out of the ordinary. When the vampire who inflicted this Condition gives you a command, you cannot resist. If it’s something that you wouldn’t normally do, you might look like you’ve been hypnotized or that you’re sleepwalking, but otherwise you look and act normally.

  • If you resolve this Condition in the scene, gain a +3 die bonus to resist further attempts to Mesmerize you in the same scene; you also can’t quite remember what happened.
    Duration: This Condition fades naturally after a scene, which does not count as resolving the Condition.
    Possible Sources: Dominate 1
    Resolution: Take any amount of bashing or lethal damage. Experience a breaking point as part of a vampire’s command.
    Beat: n/a

Something’s on your character’s mind and she just can’t shake it.

  • Gains the 9-again quality on all rolls related to pursuing her obsession.
  • Lose the 10-again quality on rolls unrelated to it.
    Obsession can be a temporary quality per Storyteller approval.
    Resolution: The character sheds or purges her fixation.
    Beat: Character fails to fulfill an obligation due to pursuing her obligation.

Your character is filled with the glory of God’s admonishment, the grace of her damnation. She finds an unsettling harmony with her Beast, due to the fire of Longinus’s words.

  • You do not need Willpower to ride the wave, and can ride the wave on three successes instead of five.
    Possible Sources: The Anointed Merit.
    Resolution: Falling to frenzy or riding the wave.
    Beat: n/a

Your character gave her Beast an outlet that stopped it from driving her to frenzy.

  • Until you resolve this Condition, you take +1 die modifier to resist Frenzy.
    Possible Sources: Animalism.
    Resolution: Frenzy, or resist significant provocation to frenzy (a situation with a modifier of –3 or more to resist).
    Beat: n/a

Your character was subject to a violent bite from Kindred fangs. He’s disturbed, angry, and paranoid.

  • Take a –2 die penalty to any rolls to resist fear, such as with the Nightmare Discipline or the Intimidation Skill.
  • Any creature exhibiting a predatory aura to frighten or intimidate your character receives a +2 die bonus.
    Possible Sources: A violent bite from a vampire.
    Resolution: Lash out physically, causing three or more levels of lethal damage to someone.
    Beat: n/a

Something has severely frightened your character. Any time your character is taking an action where that fear might hinder her, you may opt to fail the roll and resolve this Condition.
Possible Sources: Facing a breaking point, the Auspex Discipline.
Resolution: The character gives into her fear and fails a roll as described above.
Beat: n/a

Your character has seen something supernatural — not overt enough to terrify her, but unmistakably otherworldly. How your character responds to this is up to you, but it captivates her and dominates her focus.
Resolution: When your character’s fear and fascination makes her do something that hinders the group or complicates things (she goes off alone to investigate a strange noise, stays up all night researching, runs away instead of holding her ground, etc.).
Beat: n/a

Your character is confident and resolved.

  • If you fail a roll, you may resolve this Condition to instead treat the action as if you’d rolled a single success.
  • If the roll is a chance die, you may resolve this Condition and roll a single regular die.
    Possible Sources: Encountering a breaking point; having a vampire get a Dramatic Failure when Dominating you
    Resolution: Your character’s confidence carries him through and the worst is avoided; the Condition is resolved as described above.
    Beat: n/a

Your character has hit a complication while attempting a blood sorcery ritual.

  • Each successive roll in the extended action is at a –3 die penalty. This Condition does not grant a Beat when resolved.
    Possible Sources: Choose to suffer a Dramatic failure on a blood sorcery roll.
    Resolution: The ritual ends.
    Beat: n/a

A vampire has pressed down on your will, and you find it hard to resist doing what she wants. She can give you commands as though you were Mesmerized even when you do not have that Condition.

  • You can spend a Willpower point to resist her commands, but she can just Mesmerize you and order you that way.
    Duration: a week unless the vampire applies it to you again during that time.
    Possible Sources: Dominate Discipline.
    Resolution: Take more lethal damage than you have Stamina when following the vampire’s command. Experience a breaking point when following the command and succeed at the roll.
    Beat: The vampire makes you do something that you wouldn’t normally do.

Your character is attracted to someone and is vulnerable where they are concerned. A character may have multiple instances of this Condition, reflecting affection for multiple characters.

  • Take a –2 die penalty to any rolls that would adversely affect the specified character.
  • The culprit also gains +2 die bonus on any Social rolls against you.
  • If the specified character is attempting Social maneuvering on the Swooning character, the impression level is considered one higher.
    Possible Sources: Suffer an exceptional success of a Persuasion or Subterfuge roll, dramatic failure using the Majesty Discipline, have another character help you fulfill your Vice (if mortal).
    Resolution: Your character does something for his love interest that puts him in danger, or he opts to fail a roll to resist a Social action by the specified character.
    Beat: n/a

Your character committed diablerie, and now retains traces of her victim’s soul. Once per chapter, the victim can come back to haunt your character and try to force her destruction.

  • Take the victim’s Blood Potency dots in penalty to one roll the Storyteller imposes. This feels like subtle manifestations or whispers that urge and distract.
  • Your character may have multiple instances of this Condition, reflecting different victims.
    You do not take a Beat when this is resolved (you’ve gained enough already).
    Possible Sources: Diablerie.
    Resolution: A number of months pass equal to the victim’s Blood Potency score.
    Beat: n/a

Your character’s clan, covenant, or family tasked her with a duty, and the responsibility carries weight.

  • Take the 8-again quality on all rolls relating to the task. Any rolls not pertaining to the task lose the 10-again quality.
    Possible Sources: Dynasty Membership Merit.
    Resolution: Complete the task; fail the task.
    Beat: n/a

Your character came close to losing control. Her Beast came at her, and she refused the call. Now, the Beast remains close to the surface.

  • Take a –1 die penalty to any rolls to resist frenzy.
  • Each time she resists frenzy, the penalty increases by one. For example, after three successful resistances, Tempted –3 on your character sheet.
    Possible Sources: Just resisted frenzy.
    Resolution: Kill. Fall to frenzy. Have a meaningful connection with humans.
    Beat: n/a

Your character is distracted with temptations of excess and indulgence.

  • Take a -2 dice penalty to any Composure or Resolve rolls to resist temptation.
  • The character that brought forth this Condition achieves exceptional success on three successes instead of five when making any rolls to tempt your character (including Disciplines).
    Duration: a number of nights equal to the Blood Potency of the vampire who caused it. After resolving Wanton, your character cannot be subject to this Condition again for a full month.
    Possible Sources: A seductive predatory aura conflict, facing a breaking point.
    Resolution: Indulge in something that constitutes a breaking point.
    Beat: n/a


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