Humanity Breaking points (sample list)

Breaking points are similar to Sins. However, for Kindred, Breaking Points are as much about violating codes of conduct as they are about experiencing inhuman feelings during one’s Requiem. Your Storyteller can deem any specific or unnatural state as a Breaking Point to test against.
Note that breaking points do not occur while a character is in torpor.

In order to prevent degeneration, you must succeed a Degenration roll with the number of dice associated with the level of the Breaking Point. This roll can be modified by circumstances, but never by Willpower.

Humanity 10 (Five Dice)
One night without human contact.
Lying in defense of the Masquerade.
Spending more than one Vitae in a night.
Humanity 9 (Five Dice)
Watching humans eat a meal.
Committing a superhuman feat of physical prowess.
Feeding from the unwilling or unknowing.
Urging another’s behavior with a Discipline.
Spending an hour in the sun.
Humanity 8 (Four Dice)
Creating a ghoul.
Rejected by a human.
Riding the wave of frenzy.
Depriving another of consent with a Discipline.
Spending most of a day in the sun.
Humanity 7 (Four Dice)
One week active without human contact.
Surviving something that would hospitalize a human.
Injuring someone over blood.
Recovering from an Aggravated wound.
Humanity 6 (Three Dice)
Falling into torpor.
Feeding from a child.
Reading your own obituary.
Experiencing a car crash or other immense physical trauma.
Humanity 5 (Three Dice)
Two weeks active without human contact.
Reaching Blood Potency 3.
Death of a mortal family member.
Performing aggravated assault on a human
Joining a covenant to the point of gaining Status for it.
Humanity 4 (Two Dice)
Impassioned violence.
Sustaining Aggravated damage from sunlight.
Spending a year or more in torpor.
Surviving a century.
Accidentally killing.
Humanity 3 (Two Dice)
One month active without human contact.
Reaching Blood Potency 6.
Death of a mortal spouse or child.
Impassioned killing.
Humanity 2 (One Die)
One year active without human contact.
Premeditated killing.
Seeing a culture that didn’t exist when you were alive.
Surviving 500 years.
Humanity 1 (Zero Dice)
One decade active without human contact.
Heinous, spree, or mass murder.
Killing the last anchors to your time as a human.


When Kindred hit certain points in their detachment, they can turn their monstrosity inward, growing spiritual scars over their emotional wounds. When losing Humanity, a character can take a bane and a Beat. If he does so, he becomes unable to lose Humanity from that particular breaking point again. However, each bane causes a –1 die penalty to further detachment rolls, which speeds the Requiem’s downward spiral.

A character may only have three banes. You may choose from the sample banes below, or create your own. As a rule, most banes use Humanity as part of their mechanics, and can
affect Vitae or cause bashing damage. Sometimes, they use the inverse of Humanity, expressed as (10 – Humanity). Many banes provoke frenzy. A vampire cannot use more dice to resist a bane-provoked frenzy than she has Humanity dots. Banes are a player choice, but vampire characters themselves do not choose them or the transgressions they affect.

Bells: Your character cannot stand the sound of bells, and it causes intense pain. This only happens in the presence of actual bells; recordings will not cause pain. Each minute she’s exposed to the sound of bells, she takes (10 – Humanity) dice worth of bashing damage, and is provoked to frenzy. Some vampires manifest this bane in response to hymns instead of bells.

Blood of the Unwilling: Your character takes no sustenance from the blood of the unwilling or the unknowing. When feeding from an unwilling vessel, she gains no nourishment from the first few Vitae taken. This amount is equal to (10 – Humanity).

Crossroads: Your character is confused when he knowingly passes through a crossroads. For the remainder of the scene, all his dice pools are capped by his Humanity dots.

Face of Hunger: When your character finds himself hungry, it shows on his face and on his skin. His eyes grow red, and his skin pulls tight over his visage. He looks every bit the corpse. When he has less than five Vitae, his Humanity dots act as a cap on all his Social actions. Humanity also caps all dice pools to resist frenzy inspired by hunger.

Grave Soil: Your character is tied to the soil of her place of death. If she does not sleep with at least a handful of dirt from her region of death, all her dice pools are capped by her Humanity for the next night.

Hated by Beasts: Animals despise your character. They’ll put their backs up defensively, growl, hiss, or boast. Any attempts to deal with animals through Animal Ken or Animalism suffer a (10 – Humanity) penalty.

Holy Day: Your character holds one day of the week holy. She cannot resist the daysleep, and cannot awaken during that day unless her body suffers damage equal to 10 – Humanity. Invitation: Your character cannot enter a private dwelling uninvited. If he does, he suffers bashing damage equal to (10 – Humanity). He cannot heal the damage as long as he remains inside.

Open Wounds: Your character’s wounds stay open until she sleeps. She can heal Health levels with Vitae, but the wounds do not close until she’s undergone daysleep.

Plague of Purity: Your character finds the pure of heart to be utterly repulsive. Any touch by a human with Integrity 8 or higher causes (10 – Humanity) bashing damage.

Rat King/Queen: Your character attracts vermin. She’s always surrounded by rats, flies, cockroaches, or other creatures of plague. This causes discomfort and disgust in most mortals, causing her to fail any Social roll not related to the Intimidation Skill. She can send the vermin away for a number of minutes equal to her Humanity score with a Willpower point.

Repulsion: Your character finds a certain substance abhorrent. Choose this when taking the bane, but it should be something that is likely to appear in many homes. For example, garlic, salt, roses, or silver are all valid repulsions. She cannot come closer than (10 – Humanity) feet from the item without spending a point of Willpower. As well, if the object of repulsion enters a wound, it causes (10 – Humanity) dice of bashing damage.


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